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“I have had several readings now with Julia and with each one I feel more clear and actionable with direction, answers, and my life in full. She distills extensive information and vision in working with guides and God, all while making the reading approachable and fun.”

- Georgiana A.


Honor your unique expression. Love who you are.

Heal your ego.

Your Soul Blueprint is the energetic template of you. It holds the record of everything you are and came here to express as a fractal of god. It contains the clarity of who you are and the joy you came here to express. In life, it can be easy to lose sight of our highest expression in this human experience. And sometimes, these readings can seem more aspirational than realistic. But that is because you aren't giving yourself enough credit. Here's your reminder that you already all the things you are too intimidated to be. 

Drop your karma. Heal your timelines.

Understand your energetic heritage.

An Akashic Records reading makes sure you’re not tapping into the pains of “past lives” and recreating them in this life. Not every challenge in life is one you are meant to tackle. There are lessons we have already mastered, and lessons that we still have to learn. You are a unique expression of the divine. Tap into what makes you you, and drop the stories that aren’t yours.


About Julia

The first thing I did when I was born was look around.

This freaked my mom out.


Apparently, babies are supposed to be neckless potatoes for a while. I was craning my neck to get a good look at the world straight out of the womb.


This curiosity for the world around me and the thirst for answers to the endless questions I had about this reality meant that I was always on the hunt for knowledge.


I still am. I’ve always held on to little nuggets of information like they are jewels.

If I were a dragon, books and knowledge would be my hoard. . .



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