The first thing I did when I was born was look around.


In adulthood, to address my depression and anxiety I dove into meditation. I played around with Oneness, managed to sit in a state of timelessness, and one day I accidentally received intuitive information for my grandmother from one of her guides. After a lifetime of flirting around with the idea of mediumship, intuitive development, and the Akashic Records, her guide walked up to me, flicked me on the forehead and walked off in a huff.


This freaked me out enough to finally take spirituality and my intuitive development seriously.


As soon as I said yes, the Universe aligned to get me into a mediumship workshop. From there, I mentored with an evidential medium and I expected to be a regular old medium myself—but my guides usually wouldn’t show me my sitter’s passed loved ones.


Instead, they showed me my sitter represented as a snowflake or a grid pattern. Intuitively I understood this image was the energetic imprint of who my sitter was. The two-dimensional coding of their three-dimensional expression. I call it the Soul’s Blueprint. It carries information about their soul’s purpose, what their gifts are, how they serve humanity, and why they decided to embody in this human experience.


From there, I took a course on the Akashic Records and realized that I had been working in the Akash my whole life. (Think of the Akash as the cosmic cloud of the Universe where all the secrets of creation are uploaded.) For all the questions and all the answers I’ve ever had on the nature of reality and consciousness, I realized I had access to this dimensional library the whole time.


This is why I was able to help people see their highest aspirations, achieve them through aligning to their best timeline, understand the archetypes of creation that went into making them who they are, and disconnect from the karma and repeating patterns that were keeping them from expanding and moving forward in their life.


I am a spiritual teacher, an Akashic Records reader, and a Soul Blueprint Aligner.


And this is what I do now. I see you as a magical mystery, and then spill all your most fantastic secrets to you. I help you see the fullest expression of who you are, offer you clarity on how to kick your unhelpful patterns, understand the nature of your personal I AM expression, and stop reliving the pains and traumas of some other life. I am called to help people remember their divinity, and help the planet move towards reunification with the rest of the Universe as the sovereign masters were truly are.


I took my very first intuitive development course under professional intuitive Anna Sayce; I've studied mediumship at The Los Angeles School of Spiritual Arts under professional medium Hillary Michaels; I have studied the Akashic Records under professional reader Lauren Antuofermo; I have studied channeling under shaman & healer Katherine Bird; I have taken various programs by The Lightshine Lab (previously the Lightworker’s Lab).

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This freaked my mom out. Apparently, babies are supposed to be neckless potatoes for a while. I was craning my neck to get a good look at the world straight out of the womb.


This curiosity for the world around me and the thirst for answers to the endless questions I had about this reality meant that I was always on the hunt for knowledge. I still am. I’ve always held on to little nuggets of information like they are jewels. If I were a dragon, books and knowledge would be my hoard.


I was never the kid who saw dead people at the foot of her bed (I had excellent boundaries), but I was the kid who knew more than she should have. Like knowing that we would be fine during a tornado warning, or being oddly wise about death. I also had a knack for walking into a room and winning a raffle prize. Or winning a competition I entered on a whim. I was a master manifestor, but was called “lucky”.


I just understood how the Universe worked. And that all it needed from us was to state our desires, and be willing to show up to accept them. However, this is only one secret of physical reality. My curiosity meant I wanted all the secrets!


One of life’s mysteries is consciousness.