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Akashic Records Healing

You are a unique expression of the divine. Your unique expressions are recorded in your soul records.

The Akashic Records, or the Hall of Records, is the "place" where the story of your soul is recorded and stored. Experiences you may consider to be past lives, parallel lives, and potential future lives are all found here. Timelines, blueprints, and guides are found here as well.

​One of the greatest benefits of accessing your Akashic Records, or having them read for you, is how it attunes you to your own soul's frequency. It reminds you of your ascended self. You can remember your true agenda as a soul, and see solutions to current issues in your life in a higher and more evolved way.

​Because more often than you might think, you are trying to resolve the problems and trauma of a "past" life in your current life. This is called karma. In the Hindu tradition, there is beneficial karma and harmful karma. Most of us are in cycles of harmful karma. The good news is that you don't need to suffer in order to learn and grow.


The 5D frequency doesn't hold the blueprint for suffering. Learning and expansion are meant to be done in joy, not pain. You aren't meant to relive and recreate the pain of another lifetime. Life is possible to live without suffering. 

Drop your pain-lineages. Gain access to your unique soul records. 

In this program, we would deal with anything that is keeping you from living in fulfillment with your soul’s blueprint and original intentions for this lifetime. This means addressing issues like past life and other karmic attachments, ancestral woundings, and more. We would work together to help you understand and see what your blueprint is, how it is being expressed, and help you choose and walk the path/timeline where you embody your inherent divinity. 

This program is a commitment of 1 session a month for 3 months.

Investment: $950

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