Life Purpose Integration Coaching

For the ready soul who is willing to embody their life purpose

Your life's purpose isn't just your career. That is only one facet of who you are and how you express yourself. A life that has not integrated all the other facets of who you are, is not a life fully and wholly lived.

It's not enough to just be aware of what your purpose is. You are meant to live it. And in order to embody and live your life purpose, you have to be it.

This monthly coaching package is for the true Lightworker



It is my intention to get you on the path of alignment, enlightenment, and embodiment of your soul's purpose in this lifetime. By the end of this coaching, you will embody and stand in your soul's power, grid your soul's blueprint to the crystalline grid of Gaia, and lead with the light you were meant to shine on the world.


  • A personalized course of study that takes into account how you are personally here to serve

  • The practical application of how to integrate your true soul's calling into who you are, and how you interact with the world

  • How to embody your unique life purpose, and what it means to connect with your highest intentions while on Earth

  • To learn how your life, in each moment, is presenting you with the opportunity to shine your light and heal the parts of the world you touch, through your purpose

  • How to integrate your spirituality into your life, and how you an access your own personal connection to the divine

  • How to grid your soul's blueprint (your personal vibration) to the crystalline grid of Gaia (ie. Earth), and why it is important for you to do this 

Session are 1 hour long, once a week for 4 weeks


Are you ready to start living a life in alignment with who you really are?

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