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Honor the truth.


It is my life's work to pull peoples faces towards their own divinity and make sure they don't look away. 

What does your soul call for you to do? To be? 

 We are divine. We are all gods, goddesses, and creator beings. We shape our reality. ​

Do those words call to a deeper, unacknowledged aspect of you that is pulling you towards this discovery?

If you found your way here, you are ready to step into the truth of this idea. You are ready to throw off the shame and ego around the fear of your own divinity.

Recognizing your divinity means recognizing that you are just one god of many. We are all divine, and that each god is a fractal of a larger whole. We are all miniature expressions of the universe, who hold universes within ourselves.  We are all kaleidoscopes of God. We refract and reflect the nature of consciousness and existence. 

Where we come into alignment with our true expression, we align fully into who we are. We un-identify as the human lost on a tiny spec in an infinite and cold universe who tries to force meaning and identity onto itself. We are far more than that. 

You are ready.

As a coach, teacher, and guide, I am here to help you recapture your divinity and God Consciousness.

In this work together I will hold up the mirror to who you are, and then help you hold it yourself. You will learn how to recognize the truth of your divinity, and hold it in your energy and consciousness.


By being in alignment with your true nature, you radiate your purpose. You do just by being. 

I will walk this path with you, but will also be holding you accountable to yourself. Your soul is yearning for this expansion.

I will help you confront and acclimate to your divinity, and then offer further support in the following months as you continue to deepen your access to your God Consciousness.


While in session together, I will bring through messages from guides, spirit, and your own soul that help you fill in the missing puzzle pieces of who you are. My work in the Akashic realm makes me uniquely qualified to help you remember your highest intended path in this lifetime, and to embody it.  

Let's talk about what your journey might look like.

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