Programs & Offerings

All of these programs and offerings are intended to help heal, awaken, and place you on your path of purpose. We will work mainly in the Akashic dimension to bring through channeled coaching and guidance to help you embody and ground in your truth—that you are an indomitable spark of the divine.


The Akashic Records, or the Hall of Records, is the "place" where the story of your soul is recorded and stored. Experiences you may consider to be past lives, parallel lives, and potential future lives are all found here. Timelines, blueprints, and guides are found here as well.


One of the greatest benefits of accessing the Akash is how it attunes you to your own soul's frequency. It reminds you of your ascended self. You can remember your true agenda as a soul, and see solutions to current issues in your life in a higher and more evolved way.

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