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Channeled Message: Hope in times of crisis.

Spoiler: I'm as human as the next person. And as a human, I have been a bit frustrated by the posts I've seen about how everyone is eager to get back to the way things were before the pandemic. I understand wanting to feel safe again, but I don't think going back to the way things were--the same situation that created this crisis--is the wisest way to go about doing things. So I asked my guides about the situation going forward. How can we come out the other side of this crisis, better for it? Read their answer below.

This is a call to change. To endure is to die. But there is hope, because death is only another way of delineating change. Change can either come willingly, or unwillingly. Change is coming—change is here. Will you take up this sword and fight for the chance of a happier and healthier future, or will you allow yourselves to be dragged along behind Change as Crisis burns the path previously taken behind you? The question is not "how can we make things as they were before", but "how can we change for the better". What will be the new normal, and how do we choose to live in it? If we do not take this opportunity for change, will will lose ourselves within it. We cannot heal crisis by pretending like it was never there.
This time requires change within ourselves. As the outer world is the reflection of the inner world, what have you nurtured within yourselves to support a global time of crisis? What are you allowing, what are you putting up with, that is preventing you from seeing the things in front of you that are not working. These things that are not working are not working for a reason. What has been broken in the “outside” world is nothing but a reflection of what is not working in the “inner” world. So be honest and take stock with yourself. What is not working for you? Why have you allowed it to continue? What will you continue to put up with going forward? Why will you do so? Is it really worth it? Is it worth taking this time of great change to change yourself?
Things cannot go back to the way they were before. You are fundamentally different. This is as it should be. You have taken this time to seek support from loved ones and neighbors. You are reaching out and demanding that you take care of one another. You are thinking of others first, and not only of yourselves. This is progress. And this is the only progress that is needed to make lasting and profound change.
You have already done the hard work. The work or loving your neighbor. You have been taught this for millennia, since the time of Jesus, and you have finally learned. Now it is time to continue loving your neighbor, and to remember to love yourself in the process. There is no need for this life to be hard and demanding. Try living in a gentler way. Perhaps living in the gentlest way possible is too hard to imagine, and this is fine. But just try being easier with each other. There is no need for rush, there is no need for strife. It is possible to be gentle and understanding with each other, and for the earth to still turn around the sun. Be hopeful! Change is coming! Change is here! Things will be lighter than they were before! Because you are lighter than you were before.

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