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Divine Realignment Ep. 2: Awakening the Lightworker in Everyone & Live Life Purpose Readings

Awakening the Lightworker in Everyone

I’m probably going to give you a life purpose reading that informs you of some spiritual gift that you have and can offer to the world—that you are a healer, or a communicator, or a teacher—and that isn’t because you are getting smoke blown up your ass. You are being offered this perspective on yourself because it is a quality that you carry within you and has been ignored and needs to come into the light.

My guides intend to polish you like a pearl at the bottom of the ocean. They want you to discover the inherent gifts within yourself that you have let gone undiscovered in the watery depths of your psyche, and to shine a light so bright on them that you can’t miss their sparkle. They want to entice you to reach for that shiny thing you have been ignoring, pick it up, turn it over and around, and to see what it is all about. What can it do? Why is it there? And if is is there for a reason (it is), what are you meant to do with it?

That pearl is a metaphor for your soul, and the deep cloudy depths you’ve hidden it under are all the things you’ve pretended to be in this lifetime. Sometimes we pretend to be whoever we think we need to be in order to be safe, sometimes we take on the perception that other people have of us—trusting their clouded and biased assessment of us over our own knowing of who we are. In any case, we’ve focused so much on being the person we must be, or should be, that we have forgotten to pay attention to who we are.

So when we finally rediscover that pearl and the light that shines off it, it can feel like having an awakening. Suddenly, you are not the person you were, because you have discovered this aspect of yourself that blows your world open. Suddenly, your inability to fit in is a gift. Your tendency to talk to people’s pets isn’t so quirky. Or the crazy dreams you have about your dead relatives aren’t just dreams. There is a meaning behind it all, and you don’t have to pretend like these “weird” things about yourself aren’t there so you can pretend like you fit in.

Because the truth is that nobody fits in. Everybody is pretending to be someone they aren’t, at least to some degree. Everybody has the capability to be a Lightworker, it’s just that some people can’t see their own light. Or they deny it, or cover it up. They do this out of fear that they were be separated and shunned—which feels like death because it feels like they are being separated from love. But to deny who we are is to deny ourselves love first. It may seem counterintuitive, but to welcome back those weird little quirky parts of yourself that you denied out of fear of being misplaced in society, means being back in alignment with the rest of the universe. And the love that the rest of the universe has for you is much deeper, profound, and larger than anything you can find while pretending to be someone you aren’t.

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