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Let's Clear Up What I Mean By "Energetic Alignment"

Alignment is not a passive state of being. In fact, “being” is a verb in my work.

When I work with you on a Soul Blueprint Alignment session, I’m not acting as a fairy godmother with a magic wand. Although, let’s follow that metaphor because it’s not a bad one.

Cinderella’s fairy godmother made it possible for her to get into the ball to meet Prince Charming, right? Cinderella wished, cried about it a little bit, and got into emotional (energetic) alignment with the concept of getting the hell outta dodge—and POOF! Her fairy godmother/Spirit Guide showed up to help with the behind the scenes work.

She magicked her a gorgeous dress, killer shoes, did her hair, transformed some mice into footmen, and turned a pumpkin into a carriage. BOOM! Even more Alignment!

The stage for success could not have been more perfectly set. But can you imagine if Cinderella didn’t actually do anything with this energetic alignment? If Cinderella just went, “well this feels wonderful, let’s go scrub the kitchen floor,” instead of getting her butt into the pumpkin and crashing the royal ball? OMG. *internal screaming*

Energetic alignment isn’t just a feel-good feeling. It’s a call to action. You gotta DO something with this, friend.

Energetic alignment is like what Einstein said about bicycles and life. (Sorry, Einstein stans.) Just swap the words "life" and "balance" with "alignment".

“Alignment is like riding a bicycle. To keep your alignment, you must keep moving.”

So now that Cinderella knows what it feels like to be a princess, she’s gotta roll with it. She has to keep acting like one. She can’t go back to scrubbing the damn floor while her crappy family belittles her. She knows better than that now! So now she has to be a princess. And being is a verb in this line of work, friend.

You are always, always, being. You are an unceasing source of energy. You are always emitting a frequency. You are always making choices (there really isn’t any such thing as abstaining from choosing something, because that is just choosing more of what you already have) no matter how big or small those choices may seem to you.

So you’ve made the choice to be something. Maybe you have made the choice to be a nurse. Or a teacher. Or a bus driver. Or an Akashic Records reader. Or a reiki practitioner.

Cool. Good choice.

So now we have to get to being a nurse/teacher/bus driver/Akashic records reader/reiki healer. You have to do some kind of action every day that tells yourself and the universe that you are this thing because you are BEING the thing. You do this so that you are constantly emitting the energy of the X, Y, or Z thing.

This is energetic alignment, friend.

When I work on a Soul Blueprint Alignment session with you, it’s like I’m pushing you on a playground swing. I’m helping you get moving, building momentum, and giving you tips on how to pump your legs. Eventually, though, you have to take over.

But by that point, you already know what to do and how to do it. The real trick is actually doing it.

This is why these sessions are so useful. By the end of them, you are on your path, facing the right direction, and walking down it. All you have to do is make sure you keep walking. Or, if you are feeling brave, jog or run. But you have to keep doing the action of being.

I’m talking about this because I see people fall into the trap of thinking energetic alignment doesn’t take work. It does. You can’t just say, “Spirit, I’d like to be a NASCAR driver. Take care of that, would you?” and expect radical changes in your life.

I’ll say this as many times as it takes to sink in, but in physicality, the language of energy is action. So unless you act on a wish, desire, or opportunity, literally nothing will come from it.

So in the future, instead of only praying to Baby Jesus that you’d like to be a NASCAR driver, maybe work on getting your license as well.

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