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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

What does this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer have to teach us about our purpose? It has a lot to do with connecting to your Root and Earth Star chakras so that we can ground our inner authority (that comes from claiming and validating the barometer of our emotions!), and live with the knowing and bald-faced assurance that we will be taken care of, supported by, and loved by the Universe and the Earth.

Use this time to get in touch with your Divine Feminine. A normally full container has been emptied, and now we have the opportunity to dig deeper into emotional depths we didn’t think were safe or possible. What is below the bottom of the container? Are we ever really empty?

If you take advantage of this time, you will be able to mine down below your normally accepted emotional “limit”, and find a well of untapped emotional abundance. This is a time to discover what it feels like to be fully, authentically you. Now is the time to tap into your Warrior Goddess archetype, hold you I AM presence, and claim your emotional intelligence with the authority of a sovereign ruler.

The time when the feminine, intuitive energy of the moon passes and pauses in front of the masculine, action energy of the sun is the assertion that it is time to stop what we are doing. Pause. Reflect. Are you acting without care? Are the actions you are taking NOW in alignment with your inner authority?

During this time where the two symbols of the Divine Feminine in this embodied experience, the Earth and the Moon, meet during the day, we have a supercharged opportunity to actively claim, and embody our own Divine Feminine aspects. It is no longer something we do in the shadows, when no one is looking.

This is important, because until we can claim our inner authority (the intelligence of our emotions) without apology, we cannot live a life in full alignment with who we are. Until we can do this, we cannot live our purpose.

But now you can! Now you do! This can be done by turning away things that don’t serve you, and walking towards the things that fill you with excitement. A Warrior Goddess doesn’t pick fights with every foot soldier that kicks a stone her way. Some things are beneath you. Assert yourself when necessary, and spend the rest of your time and energy filling your container with the things that excite you. Because these things are the outer expression of who you are.

The Earth is here to help you with your material abundance. She would like to support you and take care of you. She asks that you connect with her, and let her refresh you. She asks that you take a more conscious approach to your connection with her. You ARE connected. She feels you in every breath and every step you take. You are cherished. She feels you emotions even when you can’t bear to. She is here to tell you that your container is not a shallow pan, but a bottomless well. It soothes, empowers, and cleans you. Your emotions are your creative motivation to move forward in life. Without them, you aren’t really living.

The moon is here to tell you to reflect. She dims the sun so that you may have time to stop doing. So that you may take this time to let go of everything, and only pick back up the things that support you and make you feel good. Put things down and leave them there. You don’t need to carry it all. Some of the things you are holding now will not help you get to where you want to go. Pause. Connect. Then go forth.

And before you start filling your container again, make sure what you fill it with is your own.

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