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On the Importance of Blooming

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Humans, in general, don't place a lot of value on rest. We don't place importance on down-time, or in beauty and pleasure, just for the sake of it! It's so rare for us to operate without an agenda. We tend to overlook things like the stars or flowers. We take them for granted because we think we are too busy, and they aren't screaming at us to notice them. The small beauties in life don't demand our attention. In tune with the natural flow of life, they quietly go about being themselves--shiny and vibrant as they were meant to be.

There is a lot we can learn from the stars and flowers on the importance of shining as your truest self. But what I have been reminded of recently is how important beauty and gentleness are in times of shocking trauma and crisis. Having gone through a recent trauma, there was a period of time where I had forgotten life wasn't meant to be lived in a state of shock. Everything was kind of numbed to my senses, and I was having a hard time feeling present. I didn't realize how disconnected I was from my emotions, and how desperate I was to feel something beautiful again, until I came across a bouquet of flowers--and burst into tears. It sounds totally cliche, but I needed to be reminded that there are still safe places in the world where beautiful things like flowers still bloom. A flower, holding that space of safety and beauty for us all, allowed me to process my emotions--because it reminded me that surely not everything sucks. Even if a tornado blows through town, flowers still bloom. Life goes on.

Theses little mercies are reminders that even though you may be living in a state of heightened stress, and it may feel as if life is closing in on you, beauty and peace still exist in this world. Thank god for the stars, flowers, hugs, and beautiful music. Thank god that these things exist, hold their ground, and continue to share their peace and beauty when we need them most: when we forget they exist.

They tell us, if it is safe for me to shine and bloom, then it is safe for you as well. It is safe to cry and release, because a world exists outside the trauma and stress inside your head. Relax and bloom.

Can you imagine if a flower didn't fulfill its purpose? If a star was too disillusioned to shine? Or if a violin was afraid of being heard? That would be a tragedy. In this same way, the world is less vibrant, joyful, and shining without us all living our purpose. Just as a flower is divinely designed to bloom, so are you. The world has never needed us more than it does now. If you are looking for a sign to brush the dust off your inner glow, consider this it.

Flowers, in traumatic situations, can show up as people, too. (Just stay with me.) Maybe you are someone who overlooked the bouquet of flowers, and require a more direct approach. No shame. The Universe will send you someone who is shining their light with an open heart, to help you remember to open yours. (Full disclosure, I was hesitant to use the word "will", because it implied that the Universe always sends help when it is needed. But I was reminded that yes, the Universe does. However, sometimes we brush them off, no matter how in-the-face they are with it. That's free will for you.)

But how screwed would we be if people were afraid to be themselves? Or if people were "too busy" to be themselves? We'd be just as lost as if flowers decided not to bloom. If stars didn't shine, or if flowers hid in the spring, the world would be poorer for it. The same is true for you or I. If we don't live as our true selves--if we don't live our purpose--then not only are we robbing ourselves, but we are depriving the rest of the world of the gifts we came here to share.

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