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Rainbow Children, Christ Consciousness, and Past Lives. Oh, my!

I might be bursting some bubbles here, and I’m sorry, but it has to be said: you don’t really have past lives.

The concept that you, whoever you are right now, have just changed bodies, names, families, and eras in history countless times, but were still really you, isn’t quite correct.

Your past lives are not your past lives. They are concurrent experiences that your Oversoul is having alongside the experience of “you”.

You have only ever been you. You have not also been a tribesperson in Africa, or a Middle Age French noblewoman, or a High Priest in Atlantis--you have only ever been you.

The experience of you is wholly unique and does not need to pull from energies or stories from other experiences your soul is having. Your story is distinct and powerful enough.

I say this because of my own experience in trying to access my past lives when I was first experiencing the Akash. My Akashic guides kept giving me information about being a “rainbow child”, and “christ-consciousness” when I attempted to read my soul book--expecting to get a rich history of other lives I lived. Instead, I was annoyed and disappointed to get (what I considered to be, at least) some New Age, ego-fluffing, talking points. The idea of being a special snowflake “rainbow child” in possession of some kind of angelic “christ consciousness” was enough to put me off.

I’m a Capricorn, you know? Don’t bullshit me with pretty words. Just give it to me straight.

Turns out my guides were being honest with me. (Whoops!) It took me a bit to wrangle my ego enough to ask for a deeper explanation.

In the woo-woo world, you may be familiar with the terms Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow Child and Christ Consciousness. To sum up, the internet thinks a rainbow child is a magical unicorn, an avatar-like being who comes from the stars and as such, doesn’t have any karma. This description is a little overwrought, but there is some truth under all that starry-eyed gushing.

Basically, what my guides were explaining to me with the Rainbow Child archetype, is someone who has not taken on any karma, because they are not pulling from the energies/experiences/pains from “past lives”. This is when my Akashic Guides explained to me that karma is not a debt cycle that we have to repay. At least, not anymore.

Understanding how one acquires karma prevents the unconscious need to recycle these pain-lineage experiences.

When we go out and seek our “past lives”, we do it to seek a sense of identity and power, in order to fulfill a sense of lack. We reach out through the Oversoul experience and pull from the energetic experience that is in closest alignment to where we are now. Like attracts like. So if you are in a place of feeling persecuted for being a woman, you may pick up on the karmic magnetism of a woman hanged in Salem for allegedly practicing witchcraft. If you feel unappreciated and petulant, you may be karmically magnetized to the experience of a capricious English nobleman. By “borrowing” from some other identity, we create “debt”; and you may take on the traits and experiences of these other people and start the process of what is called karma.

As my guides say,” But this is not your debt, nor your true lineage. In an effort to find an identity, you have overlooked your own. Don’t speak of yourself like this. You are enough as you are. You reign supreme in the experience you are already having, the master of the story you are already writing. You don’t need someone else’s. You were lovingly designed to have your unique experience. To be an individual expression that has never been expressed before. You are already unimaginably powerful. You do not need to borrow from someone else. You may send them love, but you may also leave them alone.

“So when we speak of things like ‘rainbow children’ we are speaking of someone in particular who is not drawing on the energies and stories of a different soul experience. Someone who is starting her own line, her own lineage. Someone who does not pull from the stories of other expressions, of other lines, because they are not her own--and her own is the only story she is concerned with. This is true Christ Consciousness. Someone who does not pull from something else and allows everyone the authority, grace, and love to stand on their own.

“To be in her own authority, to not need someone else’s, to not repeat the pains, and the debt, and to allow people space and grace to be themselves because she doesn’t need them to be anything but themselves. This is Christ Consciousness. It is far more than the fluff that has been bandied about on the internet. It also incorporates the personal power and fortitude necessary to allow others their own power and to not need them to conform to some need that screams for comfort in herself.

Because it is only when we love others for exactly who they are, are we capable of truly loving them unconditionally. Because love that comes with expectations, needs, and requirements to soothe the beast in someone “giving” the love is neither Christ-like nor conscious.”

So, to sum up--you are 100% unique. You don’t need to borrow or re-live someone else’s story for internal credibility. We have outgrown that. Because you already are a unique, powerful being that the Universe put an unimaginable amount of love and care and creativity into making. You don’t need to borrow from someone else’s destiny or blueprint or identity to validate your existence.

The only authority you need is your own. Truly.

And as soon as you tap into the magnetism of your own story and purpose, you will start to see your life unfold in magical ways. Your blueprint holds the energetic expression of you. It tells the story of your creation: why you are here, what you are here to do, and how you are here to do it. And as soon as you step into that inherent sovereignty and authority--inherent, as you are an expression of God!--you will be able to do incredible things.

If all of this seems amazing to you, check out my website. I do Soul Blueprint Alignment sessions and in them we clear all the gunk out that is keeping you from claiming your only true energetic heritage--that of being God. Nor more using other people’s fears and beliefs to hold you down. You are you for a reason, and you are here for a reason.

No more waiting. Get in touch with your blueprint and stop searching for authority outside of yourself. BOOK NOW


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