• Julia Wesley

What Happens to Us When We Die?

The fact of the matter is, when most people speak about their “soul”, they are speaking about their identity--their ego.

So why “past” lives and reincarnation seems to appeal to these people because it allows them to be them, the identity of who they are now . . . but just a little bit different. But still them enough to claim their “past” lives as their own personal experiences.

Here’s the thing: your ego is just a function of perspective. I’ve said this before. The ego is detail-oriented, and the higher-self is big-picture oriented. The ego is specially crafted and uniquely designed perspective/lens, created specifically to be you in this NOW moment.

Just like you can’t put on a stranger’s glasses and expect 20/20 vision, your current ego identity can’t live another life. It isn’t designed to. Each lens is designed for a specific purpose. (This is your Blueprint.)

So what happens when “you” die? Do you just vanish? Do you just return to nothingness? Is life meaningless and death just a void?!

In short, no.

As science says, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed.

So your ego, your identity, the stuff that makes you, “you”, doesn’t die. It just realizes more of itself. It understands itself as part of something far bigger and expansive than it paid attention to before.

In this way, death is just an expansion of life!

If this still fills you with unease and dread, remember that what you consider your identity to be is just a function of perspective.

It’s like your pinky toe believing itself to be a lone wolf--disconnected from a greater whole, and believing the only thing it is, is a pinky toe.

Imagine the transformation that would occur in that pinky toe when it realizes it’s attached to a whole damn body?! That it is far more than it ever realized, and how much it limited itself with what it could see up close, from the ground?

It’s still a pinky toe, but at the same time, it’s so much more. It is both a body and a pinky toe. The perspective of the pinky toe is still valid, but it is integrated into the whole.

When I presented this question to my guides, they showed me a triangle-shaped lens. One corner is the ego, the other the higher-self, and the last the Godself. In order to view the Universe the way it does, the ego and higher-self are necessary components. The experience of “you” is vital to the expansion of consciousness. The Universe wouldn’t just trash you after your time here is done.

But on top of that, what this tells us is that this particular experience of existence is only possible because you are unique and distinct.

Your ego/identity/soul is a very specialized creation, meant for one purpose only--for you to live the life you are living NOW.

If we shift our idea of what a “soul” is to a more expanded perspective of the Oversoul, then it is possible to have other lives and experiences. But that requires the (somewhat paradoxical) identification as the Oversoul.

This is possible and requires letting go of the idea that you are Phil, or Alicia, or Taylor, and allowing yourself to be Phli/Alicia/Taylor and MORE.

We, as fractals of God, possess all the qualities of God within us; just to varying degrees. This is what makes all of us unique. Some people lead with kindness, some lead with confidence, some lead with humor, etc., but we each have these qualities within us.

Realizing yourself as the Oversoul requires letting go of the limitations of the ego, the specific ratio of God-qualities that it has within it, and to allow yourself to be all things at once.

You can touch this space in meditation and the great masters occupy this space most of the time--or at the very least, maintain this awareness of it while using the ego.

But really, we are who we are for a reason. Our ego is a joyful, creative way for the Universe to explore, discover, and grow. So while it’s so helpful to be mindful of a more expanded perspective, it’s also incredibly important to live our lives here and now, as exactly who we are. Your ego is so valuable! We need to be using it to its highest, most joyful expression!

If you are having a hard time finding the joy inherent within you, get in touch with your Blueprint. I’ve talked about this before, but reconnecting with the energy of your Blueprint is like getting an injection of joy, purpose, and motivation to fulfill the challenges you set for yourself in this life!

When I give a Soul Blueprint Alignment, I’ve literally had clients tell me that it’s changed their lives. So if you’re interested in refocusing and realigning, I would be honored to reconnect you to your original intentions for this lifetime. Remember who you are and BOOK NOW.

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