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What to expect from a Life Purpose Reading


A life purpose reading generally focuses on your soul's blueprint. When you decided to have a human experience here on Earth, your higher self created an energetic template of "you". This template is also referred to more generally as the Flower of Life. My Guides often show me a sitter's blueprint as if it were a snowflake, with the sitter standing in the middle of it. This is to signify that everyone's blueprint is unique unto them.

You can also consider this as a road map, or a cheat sheet to who you are at your most basic level. Your soul contains all things--it is the divine--so the blueprint decides things, like what your passions are, what drives you, and what your strengths are for this specific lifetime. This is why some people have a burning desire to be a rocket scientist and others get a soul satisfaction from being small business owners. Sometimes the day to day business of living acts like static on the line to our divine nature and we loose sight of why we are here. By reconnecting to your blueprint, you have the answers to things like, what am I here to do? Or, why did I choose this experience?


In short, no. In all my experience of doing this type of reading, not once have I had anyone's Guide pop out at me and tell me straight out what their profession should be. And there is a reason for this. You fulfill your life's purpose by, literally, just being yourself. By being the authentic expression of yourself, you are doing exactly what you came here to do. I know most people think their life purpose is their job, but your career is only how you choose to express your purpose. Besides, if a Guide were to tell you that you were supposed to be a firefighter in this lifetime, you would be lacking in the passion to express yourself as a firefighter--because the urge didn't come from you! Your Guides wouldn't do this to you.

Guides are not here to make decisions for you, but to help you manifest solutions to the decisions you do make. So, for example, if you decide that your love for animals is best expressed by saving them from house fires, and the desire to satisfy this drive is coming from your heart, your Guides will help arrange things behind the scenes (ie. energetically) to help make this dream a reality. This is the time where miracles happen. The times when things seem to just fall into your lap, or life flows much more smoothly than it did before. This is because you are finally working with the energy of creation, which is love. But keep in mind: you are the captain of this ship--whether you choose to consult the map in your heart or not, is up to you. Your Guides can't do it for you.


In a life purpose reading, it is very common for the reader to tap into what aspects of your soul you came here to express, what gifts you bring into the world, and how you serve.

Sometimes there are things in your life that have taken you off your path and must be dealt with in order to get back on it. A life purpose reading is helpful in these situations because your Guides step in for the reader, and tell them what you need to heal, to deal with, and how to return to your path. At the end of it, a life purpose reading should leave you with a deeper sense of self, and a rekindled fire to follow your heart's passions!

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