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Why figuring out your life purpose means facing yourself

I hope that title didn’t intimidate you, but I’ve got the sense it probably did. At least a little bit. But here are the facts: you can’t live your life purpose without being in touch with who you are. Your life purpose is birthed and expressed from who you truly are. In order to live your purpose, you need to be in touch with that energy.

The reason this can be so intimidating to people is because there is a whole bunch of emotional crud that comes up whenever they try to connect with themselves. This is the reason why meditating can be seen as daunting. When turning your attention to your inner world, all of the wounds you have been ignoring rush to the foreground of your consciousness, begging for your attention. You feel their pains; panic, shame, fear, grief, and anxiety. Facing the trauma of these emotions can be intimidating, let alone facing the original trauma that caused them, and most people give up at the start. So it isn’t surprising so many people are living out of alignment with their own energy. They’ve identified with their wounds, or they’ve identified with their efforts to avoid their wounds. This can manifest as the inability to be alone, listen to silence, or be in stillness, because these actions are anathema to distracting themselves from themselves.

Once we are able to move past this phase (because it is just a phase--you're not meant to stay here) then we are able to get in touch with the truth of who we are. This is where the good stuff is at.

When I give a life purpose reading, the information my guides pass along to me is basically a character assessment of your higher self. If you don’t like the term higher self, you can replace it with soul, best you, or future self. You can call it Sally. The name doesn’t really matter. My guides express to me the quality of your energy, and how it runs. For example, if your life purpose were to teach, that means you run the energy of someone who teaches. A teacher is not someone you become, it is someone you are. You are already someone who teaches. Once we come into alignment or understanding with that information, then we can truly express who we are. This is your life purpose; to fully express who you are into manifested form. If you are someone who teaches, then express your teachings. This expression, be it teaching a kindergartener how to tie their shoes, or teaching quantum mechanics in a lecture hall, (ie. your career) is how to live your life purpose.

Here’s the thing: I can tell you all sorts of wonderful things about the quality of the energy you run--and they will all be true--but you have to be in tune with them and believe those wonderful things about yourself before you can do anything about it. This is why it is so important to clean the dirt off your window of self-perception. Some of our windows are dirtier than other people’s, but that doesn’t mean once you clean it off the view isn’t as stunning as anyone else's. You owe it to yourself to do this self-work. It can be intimidating to stop identifying with your ego; especially since ego is so commonly constructed from trauma and the urge to avoid it. It will do its best to convince you that you need your ego or you will die (ego has the tendency to be dramatic), but try to soothe this voice. It’s just scared, and needs your love and assurance that everything will be okay if it takes a day off. Or even better, takes a lifetime off. As soon as you drop the baggage that comes with shame, fear, anger, or any other kind of distortion that isn’t love, you have gifted yourself the freedom to be who you truly are. And that is the first step towards living in alignment with yourself and your purpose.

This blog title was dramatic on purpose. I wanted to trigger your ego a little bit. But there doesn’t have to be an epic face-off with your ego--in fact, I would recommend doing the opposite. When your ego cries out in fear, pain, rage, or shame, listen compassionately to what it has to say. It is asking you for help. Play parent to your ego. As a child, when you scraped your knee, you went to your parents or trusted adults to help you take care of the pain. Apply this format to your emotional wounds as well. Comfort your pain, and tell it that all is well. You have both survived, and the sky is always clear behind the clouds. It is impossible to move forward on your path with authenticity and clarity without addressing your wounds, and treating them with kindness. If you aren’t looking at a situation with love, you aren’t seeing it clearly.

If you don’t look at yourself with love, you aren’t seeing yourself clearly. And if you can’t see yourself clearly, you will have a hard time getting in touch with your purpose. Your service to the world--your purpose--is the love you have for it. And how you express this love, how you express yourself in love, is your purpose!

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