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Why You Should be Friends with Your Spirit Guides

I recently met a new guide in one of my meditations. This was exciting, because I tend to focus more on the message than the messenger. But in that meditation, I had decided that I was going to check who my sources were, and I ended up seeing a figure in a long brown robe with the hood up. Inside the hood was dark, and I couldn’t see a face. But I insisted on knowing who it was, and the hood fell back to show me a smiling, glowing man with a white beard and hair! 

I think it’s important to note that I sometimes struggle to know who my guides are. I know they are there, but I don’t usually individuate them. Sometimes they speak as one, but there are times where a specific guide steps forward to help guide me through a lesson they have already mastered. But I can have such tunnel vision about the information I receive, where all I want are the answers, that I blow right through building relationships with my guides! 

I don't know, but that seems kind of impolite, right? Maybe a bit self-centered. So I’ve been trying to work on it.

This guide expressed to me the reason he was wearing a robe and obscuring his identity was because I had needed and asked for that, so I could place my focus on the information the sitter needed. My guides have been doing as I requested. I thought that was pretty nice of them, considering I probably wouldn’t be so understanding! But they know how hard it is to be a human and be in connection with Spirit. So their act of love was to dim their light a bit, so I could pay more attention to what they were saying. 

But the more I listened to the guide tell me about himself (a pagan worshiper, a follower of the Horned God, and here to teach me about the Divine Masculine), the more I realized that I was missing out by not nurturing these relationships with my guides. Even if you aren’t a professional medium or intuitive, you still have guides, and you can benefit from building a conscious relationship with them. 

So let’s get this out of the way: yes, you have spirit guides. You do. Pinky promise. We all do. Even if you think I’m lying, even if you think I’m wrong, even if you think I’m crazy—you have at least four or five spirit guides. These are your people. They’ve had your back since you have been born. They have been your silent cheerleaders, companions, support system, and the angels on your shoulder your entire life. But they are only silent if you don’t listen to them. 

Only in very rare cases will your spirit guides shout in your face about something, and usually only when your life is in imminent danger before your planned death. (Sorry to be morbid, but we’ve all got expiration dates, and we picked them ourselves.)

Normally, your guides will communicate in whatever way it is easiest for you to hear. And usually, these ways are so natural and seamless, that it’s easy to take them for granted.

Maybe you’ve had a song running through your head for a while now. Or maybe you have a hunch about something. Or maybe you’ve been struck by inspiration, or a friend comes to you for advice and the right words just flow out of your mouth without any real effort. 

If any of these things have happened to you, you can stop taking credit for them, because those things are actually communications from your guides.

It can take some practice to stop taking these occurrences or moments for granted. But once you separate your ego from guidance, you will be able to notice when something is intuitive information from your guides, and what is everything else. For instance, having a song play through your head? That is clairaudience. Having a hunch about something? Clairsentience. Feeling struck by inspiration? Claircognizance. 

As a general rule, we as humans are hardwired to place more emphasis and attention on things that are bad or scary, so that we can avoid those things and hopefully stay alive. That’s conditioned biology through evolution. We learn from our ancestors, and we carry their knowledge in our very cells. All this means that happy things, or feel good and non-threatening things, might not get all our attention in the same way a punch in the face would. And if you are dealing with anxiety or depression, you may be even more focused on the not-happy than others may be. 

Leaning into our intuitive faculties requires us to open to happiness, softness, and the vulnerability that is required to acknowledge those things. So for some people, leaning into your intuitiveness will require healing from an unhappy, unbending and harmful state of mind.

Not so coincidentally, your guides exist in this (much) higher vibrational state of being. This is why they are a) not physical, and b) able to be guides in the first place. Coming from this high vibrational state of love, wellbeing, and softness means they have the perspective and understanding necessary to be a reputable source of guidance for you to lean on. 

And man, do they want you to lean on them. That is what they are here for! They love you so much, they see how hard you struggle and push, and they want to be able to support you. But you have to let them. 

And this is why you should build a personal relationship with your guides. Be friends with these beings who want to remind you of your goodness, how loved you are, and how supported you are by the Universe. And the more you invite them into your life, the more you will be able to receive their guidance, help, and support. The kind of love you get from welcoming them into your world is the same feeling you get when you come home to a place that loves you and misses you. 

Our guides say that by welcoming them into your heart, you are welcoming the entire Universe back to the home in you. You are wanted, loved, and needed. And when you recognize the entire Universe is your home, you realize that you are home anywhere you are. It is so important that you come back to this understanding of the natural way of things. It is natural for you to live in love. It is natural for you to be happy. It is natural for you to exist in harmony with nature and the rest of the Universe. It is natural for you to connect with the world of Spirit, and to communicate with your guides. 

What is not natural, is to not do any of these things. What is not natural is to exist outside of the natural flow and order of the Universe. To believe that you are alone and unheard. To believe that you are not one with everything else. 

Connect to your guides for these reasons, but if those are too weighty for you, connect to them because it’s cool

When I connected with the guide I wrote about above, he conveyed to me that he worshiped the Horned God by showing me an upwards facing crescent moon, and then placing it on top of his head. I had no clue what the heck he was doing. But as I googled the meaning behind crescent moons, and an upward facing crescent moon in specific, I came across the symbol for the Horned God. It is a large circle with an upwards facing crescent moon on top of it. As if it were a head with horns. 

Before I looked all that up, he also told me now he would have been called a devil worshiper, but only by people who didn’t follow the path. Coincidentally (or not), much of our current symbolism for the devil (a goat-like figure) comes from Christianity’s attempt to demonize pagan practices of worship. 

All of this blew my mind a little bit. That’s cool, right?

If you give them the chance and the trust, your spirit guides will show up for you, and give you very specific information and validations that you couldn’t have possibly invented yourself. And if you give them the permission and welcome, they will give you very specific insight into things in your life that you have been struggling with. You will never have to feel alone or unwanted, because you will be aware of an entire team of people whose job it is to lift you up. 

Who wouldn’t want that?

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