Stop trying to kill your ego. Live your purpose.

Soul Blueprint Alignment

Every soul comes to Earth with an original intention. An original plan.


Your blueprint. (Your ego.)


Your blueprint holds all of your soul’s highest aspirations for this lifetime. All of the things that it is possible for you to do, in their most ecstatic form. 


Your purpose. Career. Abundance. Spirituality. Relationships. Wellness. 


You are here to do magical things. Things that you might think are impossible or unrealistic. But don't let that doubt you've picked up from other people kill your dreams.


By aligning to the highest version of your ego, and healing your relationship with whom you think you are, you will come into perfect alignment with your truest self. 


You are already living some version of your blueprint, but if you aren’t living an enriching and fulfilling life, you aren’t living the most aligned version of it. By aligning to your soul’s original intentions for your life, you will be able to live a higher, more aligned manifestation of your blueprint. 


Imagine living a happier, more fulfilled, more meaningful, and abundant life.

All of this is possible when you live in alignment with your soul’s blueprint!


  • To understand that your ego is a blueprint of joy--so you can stop trying to kill it.

  • To discuss any aspects of your ego that need healing and aligning

  • To hear from any guides that are working with you at this time

  • To gain clarity on what your highest version of abundance, wellness, your career, etc. can be at this time

  • To reconnect to a profound sense of love for yourself and everyone else

  • To realize that you are here for a reason, that you are the gift, and you are needed


Readings are up to 50 minutes long